#ArchiveHour: Decolonisation and Education

Last week we hosted our first ArchiveHour on Twitter along with The Media and Science Museum Bradford. ArchiveHour takes place on the last Thursday of each month and focuses on a variety of topics. For our turn we decided to focus on how archives can support the decolonisation of the curriculum as well as other formal and informal learning. For our session we needed to come up with questions to ask and with the help of Jass Thethi, Helen Snelson and Claire Mayho and Kendra Bean we came up with seven questions:

1.What does decolonisation mean for you and your outreach work?

2. How can archives whose collections do not appear to represent a more diverse community contribute to decolonisation of formal and informal learning?

3. What role, if any, can archives services and their staff play in efforts to decolonize formal and informal learning?

4. Have you seen or participated in any archive activities that you felt confronted traditional concepts of intellectual authority?

5. Do archive services have a responsibility to open up and promote conversations about the sources of their holdings?

6. What can archives do to present the context to items/collections to make them more accessible to schools? How far do schools need to understand the context to items/collections in order to learn from them?

Bonus Question: What other movements have your archives been involved in to support diversity and representation in education? How can these movements support or be supported by decolonisation?

These questions were posed during the session which made for a very interesting and inspiring session. If you missed it you can check it out on Twitter here https://twitter.com/archivehour or on Wakelet https://wakelet.com/wake/Xzkx2kCTgQ3wOCRFezyRO.

We hope you will take a look. If you are interested in finding out about decolonisation, diversity and inclusion in education then we recommend reading the following:

Intersectional GLAM are also offering courses for professionals on Implicit and Unconscious Bias Training for GLAM professionals and Diversity, Inclusion and Intersectionality Training for GLAM professionals https://intersectionalglam.org/online-courses/.

If you know of anymore resources, courses or tools relating to these themes we would love to hear about them ales@archives.org.uk.


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