ARA Learning Vlog – Behind the Scenes ‘Malicious Mischief? Women’s Suffrage in Scotland’.

(C) National Records of Scotland reproduced with thier permission

Hello and welcome to the ARA Learning Vlog, a new vlog where we will be exploring all things learning and educational in archives. My name is Jennifer Hunt and I am the Social Media Officer for the Archives Learning and Education Section.

Have you ever wanted to create learning resources, exhibitions or even contemplated starting your own online outreach sessions but didn’t know where to start? or if you have already had experience of outreach and wanted to know what has gone into other projects, then this is the vlog for you.

Over the next four vlogs we’ll be taking a look behind the scenes and asking your questions to people who have experience of getting creative with outreach and learning. In this our first vlog Joss Grant Outreach and Learning Manager for National Records of Scotland will be telling us about what went on behind the scenes to create the exhibition “Malicious Mischief? Women’s Suffrage in Scotland” which was held in august 2018 and the accompanying resources which are still available online. Then we will be asking Joss questions submitted to us by our members.

You can view this by clicking on the image below.

Thank you to Joss Grant for being our first guest. Our next guest will be Lorna Steel who will be discussing “Learn With Lorna” with us. If you have any questions for Lorna please email them to us


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