#ArchiveHour – “Online learning and the future of outreach”

On Thursday 29th July ALES hosted #ArchiveHour on Twitter with the theme of “Online learning and the future of outreach”. We were joined by Andrew Payne Head of Education and Outreach – The National Archives, UK and Lorna Steele Community Engagement Officer Highland Archive Service.

We had a great discussion with other archives, ARA sections and archivists who were answering the following questions:

•Is it really possible to do Outreach with online platforms? What is gained and what is lost with online learning?

•What skills do you think are essential to provide education and learning now and in the future?

•Does an online or blended approach improve accessibility, or create barriers?

•How can archive services ensure their learning activities are inclusive and representative?

•how have you been using digital technologies to reach users and has your use of digital technologies changed in the last 12 months?

•What issues are you currently facing in undertaking your outreach work and what factors have caused these issues?

• What are your plans for outreach work with the local community and educational institutions for the next 12-18 months?

If you missed out last night you can catchup on what was said here https://twitter.com/archivehour or at Wakelet https://wakelet.com/wake/6nEvqhRV703HKCaxKhQLK.

If you would like to respond to any of our questions why not comment on Twitter, below in our comments section or why not write a blog on our theme and send it to us at ales@archives.org.uk.


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