ARA Learning Vlog – Behind the Scenes with #LearnwithLorna

Our latest Vlog is now avaliable online, click on the image below to view

Learn with Lorna vlog is avaliable here


Hello and welcome to the ARA Learning Vlog, a new vlog where we will be exploring all things learning and educational in archives. My name is Jennifer Hunt and I am the Social Media Officer for the Archives Learning and Education Section. 

Have you ever wanted to create learning resources, exhibitions or even contemplated starting your own online outreach sessions but didn’t know where to start? or if you have already had experience of outreach and wanted to know what has gone into other projects, then this is the vlog for you. 

Over the next four vlogs we’ll be taking a look behind the scenes and asking your questions to people who have experience of getting creative with outreach and learning. 

In this our second vlog Lorna Steele, Community Engagement Officer for Highland Archive Service, will be telling us about how she has created “Learn with Lorna” online sessions which have been running since the first lockdown and are still available online. Then I’ll be asking Lorna questions submitted to us by our members. 


  • Where did the idea of Learn with Lorna come from?
  • Who is the target audience for Learn with Lorna and what reach do you have?
  • what were the aims of learn with lorna?
  • what skills do you use to create these videos? and have you had to learn any new skills for delivering online learning which you didn’t need for face to face outreach?
  • what is your toptip for creating and running online sessions?
  • Finally, do you think online sessions like Learn with Lorna are here to stay and why?

End of Vlog

Sadly That’s all we have time for today, thank you Lorna for talking to me about “Learn with Lorna”.

I also want to thank everyone who submitted questions to us for this vlog. Our next vlog which should go out in October will be with the Northumberland Archives team discussing how they developed an interactive learning platform with digital learning resources, please submit them to us by email or look out for our calls for questions on Archives-NRA and Twitter.

If you don’t want to miss out on our Vlogs then why not subscribe to the ARA Learning Blog using the link provided below this video. (If you are on our blog site use the subscription box on the right).

Thank you for watching the ARA Learning Vlog.


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