ARA Learning Vlog – Secondary Education and Social Change in the United Kingdom since 1945 project.

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Vlog text

Hello and welcome to the ARA Learning Vlog, a new vlog where we will be exploring all things learning and educational in archives. My name is Jennifer Hunt and I am the Social Media Officer for the Archives Learning and Education Section.

Have you ever wanted to create learning resources, exhibitions or even contemplated starting your own online outreach sessions but didn’t know where to start? or if you have already had experience of outreach and wanted to know what has gone into other projects, then this is the vlog for you.

In this vlog we will be talking to Laura Carter and Chris Jeppesen, who are both historians of twentieth-century Britain who have worked as researchers on the Secondary Education and Social Change in the United Kingdom since 1945 project (aka SESC). Today, we’ll be discussing the Key Stage 3 school resource packs created by the project, in collaboration with current secondary-school history teachers, which explore secondary education and social change in the UK since 1945.


What primary resources were available to you for this project and how did they influence the creation of these resources?

Why is it important for teachers to use primary sources in the classroom?

How did archivists inform the research for these resources?

How can archivists support academics in their research when they are creating resources?

what support could academics offer to archives who want to create resources and outreach sessions?

How can archivists use their own collections to support teachers using these resources?

End of vlog

Sadly, that’s all we have time for today, thank you Laura and Chris for talking to me about their resources.

I also want to thank everyone who submitted questions to us for this vlog (even those we did not have time to answer if not all answered). We are currently looking for vlog contributors if you would like to film a vlog with us please send us an email.

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Thank you for watching the ARA Learning Vlog.

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